Unfortunately, the Corona crisis COVID-19 also affects ABIOLA and thus also ABIOLA NGO partners and the affected people in Africa.

The ABIOLA LichtPortal was launched in October 2019 and about 500 families and projects have been registered in the LichtPortal until now, April 2020.

All families have been promised the donation of an ABIOLA Family SolarKit.

See ABIOLA Family SolarKits

Originally it was planned to transport all ABIOLA families SolarKits registered in the LichtPortal to Africa with the next two auxiliary containers from our NGO partner Kinderhilfe Westafrika e.V.

The first container was supposed to be delivered to Benin in April 2020 and the second to Burkina Faso in August.

Due to the Corona crisis, the first container with the first 200 SolarKits could not be shipped. The SolarKits have already been handed over to the Kinderhilfe Westafrika e.V.

Despite the crisis, ABIOLA continues to pursue its goal of donating solar kits to at least 1,000 ABIOLA Family SolaKits to people in need in Africa by the end of 2021.

We are currently expanding our warehouse (picture below). Currently there are 500 solar lamps C5 on their way to us. As soon as these C5 lamps arrive, we have 1,000 solar systems in our warehouse.

This will enable us to fulfil our pledges of donations as soon as the crisis permits and the respective containers have also arrived in Africa.

Many supporters have made a financial contribution and expect us to deliver as quickly as possible.

Our NGO partners in Africa spoke to the families at the time and carried out the entries in the ABIOLA LichtPortal. The situation of our partners is correspondingly difficult today. Above all, it hits the families who have been waiting for their long-awaited ABIOLA family SolarKit for a long time.

ABIOLA would like to apologize for the delay and asks for patience and trust so that the extradition can take place soon. Please do not expect too fast deliveries due to the crisis!
We would be happy if all families now registered in the ABIOLA LichtPortal can be supplied in 2020.


Enjoy African pictures and music.

At the same time, we call on all NGOs to put further aid projects and families from Africa in the ABIOLA Light Portal. Of particular interest is our“SolarKits for employees”campaign, in which we donatean ABIOLA Family SolarKit for home to all employees of an aid station in Africa, provided there is no power supply.
After all, these employees usually do a lot of work for little consideration.

Your Christoph

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