Countless employees in aid stations of non-profit organisations (NGOs) in Africa strive every day to alleviate the plight of citizens. In most cases, there is a lack of financial resources to provide good working conditions and to adequately reward the work of the employees. ABIOLA wants to help with what it has to offer and has therefore launched the “SOLARKITS FOR EMPLOYEES” campaign. As a thank you for their work, the hard-working employees should personally receive an ABIOLA Family Solar Kit, provided they do not have a power supply at home. This has many advantages.

Various non-profit institutions are supported by this action. These include hospitals, small bush clinics, health posts, social housing, women’s or orphanages, schools, training centres or agricultural projects.

Why especially for NGO employees?

Anyone who supports aid projects in Africa in Europe as a member of an association knows the difficult living conditions of the NGO employees in Africa. In most cases, their working conditions are difficult and at home it is usually not much better.

If you don’t have a power supply in Africa, you have to buy money for kerosene lamps. These are harmful to health and at the same time dangerous, as they also pose a fire risk.

An ABIOLA Family SolarKit offers not only light, but also a charging option for mobile devices.

Continuing education for children

Light in the evening allows craft work in the dark or further education for adults and children. With a single charge of the lamp during the day, multiple mobile devices can be charged in the evening and the lighting can be used at the same time.

Saving on the cost of kerosene and charging for mobile devices means an appreciation for the staff of the auxiliary station on the one hand for their work and on the other hand more available money for the livelihood.


What is an ABIOLA Family SolarKit?

Essentially, it consists of the ABIOLA lamp C5 and the solar module 3.5 W. With just one day’s charge by sunlight, the lamp can bring up to 144 hours of light. But it offers much more.
See ABIOLA Family SolarKit. The small ABIOLA tent is the romantic home for the c5 lamp. The lamp can of course also be hung on a string from the ceiling. The ABIOLA bag is intended for daily storage, but is often used elsewhere.

Who can apply for ABIOLA Family Kits for NGO employees in Africa? How?

In principle, any non-profit organisation (NGO) can apply for the donation of SolarKits for employees of an auxiliary station. However, the corresponding NGO is responsible for supplying the SolarKits. There are two variants:

a) Aid station in West Africa

These include Ghana, Togo, Benin, and the neighbouring countries. ABIOLA works closely with Kinderhilfe Westafrika e.V. This regularly sends auxiliary containers to the countries so that the ABIOLA SolarKits can be sent along accordingly.

Does a competent aid organisation have to come from Europe or can an NGO from Africa apply?

b) Aid station outside West Africa

If the NGO can provide for the delivery of the SolarKit (e.g. from West Africa), then this is also possible. However, the NGO must then be officially registered.

Can the auxiliary station also receive a donation of a solar system?

Yes, of course. Either an ABIOLA Charger 30W or an ABIOLA Turbo Charger 60 W.

However, only if the charity itself does not have a power supply. In this case, the charity and its employees can get an ABIOLA solar system.

Example of a donated project in Liberia:

A bush clinic in Liberia has received an ABIOLA Charger 30 W and its 20 employees each have an ABIOLA Family Kit. See here > > .

Registration of employee families in the ABIOLA light portal

With ABIOLA, all donated SolarKits must be registered in the ABIOLA LichtPortal. The European association or the African NGO then assumes responsibility for the handover. ABIOLA can therefore prove to the authorities where the procured components of the components were used.

In principle, the beneficiary employees/families must be in the ABIOLA LightPortal for at least 3 months, so that there is a possibility that a supporter will donate one or more SolarKit. This would be an important support for ABIOLA in order to be able to donate even more SolarKits in the long term.


How to apply for the solarKITS FOR EMPLOYEES project?

First of all, an e-mail from the responsible aid organization / association / NGO with the following information is sufficient:

– Location of the carrier
– Short description of the carrier
– Some photos
– Indication of the number of employees
– Indication whether the carrier or the employees have a power supply

The language chosen can be in german, English or French. However, ABIOLA reserves the right to use a digital translation service in its communications, the results of which may also lead to misunderstandings. The editing language is german.

Enjoy our latest video with African pictures and music.

We are looking forward to the“SOLARKITS FOR EMPLOYEES”campaign and hope for a lively participation.

Your staff will be delighted with the donated “miracle lamp”.

Your Christoph

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