You like the ABIOLA LightPortal and you’ve been to Africa yourself? Then you have certainly also taken some beautiful nature photos, which today linger in your “digital” drawer. It is a pity, because many people would be interested in the inconspicuous beauties of the African countries. For the ABIOLA LichtPortal, your pictures would be a great enrichment, as we want to show there in the future not only poor and sad people, but also the beautiful and cheerful sides of Africa. We call these country pictures.

Your photos can prove to be a valuable donation without costing you money. Why your pictures indirectly benefit your poor people in Africa is explained in this blog post.

The future “robe” of the ABIOLA Light Portal

If you scroll through the images in the light today, you will see above all the poverty of the people. People who do not have electricity generation and who want solar-powered lighting with the possibility of daily mobile phone charging. A visitor to the Light Portal may find it negative to see all these sad-tuning images.

But the reality of life in Africa is different. People live their daily lives and make the most of it. Many love music, cultivate their tradition and love the nature of their homeland.

It is unpleasant for many people to announce their difficult situation in order to receive a SolarKit donation. This is precisely why the LichtPortal should become a source of coloured, pleasant and realistic images without forgetting the actual call for help.

The ABIOLA LichtPortal is to become an environment where you can get to know the African countries through the pictures. If it’s fun to scroll through the light, then there’s a bond with the country, the people and their situation. Then there is also a growing willingness among visitors to the Light Portal to “turn on” a light for a family (donation).


Beautiful, colorful images may also make parents share the light with their children about the people of Africa.

Separation of family and nature images

The family report shows only those who actually belong to the presented family. However, it is planned to attach nature pictures of the surroundings or the country, so that it is more interesting to deal with the entry.

Especially the function “Gallery” in the light portal makes it possible to simply scroll through pictures. It would not be nice to see only pictures of poor or sad people.

If every family had 2-3 natural images of the land, scrolling through the light could be an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Photos – Your donation to ABIOLA

Your pictures from Africa say more than we can report. Especially the inconspicuous pictures make the gallery of the LightPortal valuable. such as.


  • Landscapes, Animals
  • Plants, Buildings
  • to eat
  • Tools
  • Dresses, etc.

Examples of many country images in the ABIOLA LichtPortal

How does the Country function work?
Often only one or a few pictures are stored in a family/project. The country function first places the national flag to the right of the last picture (below). And to the right, all vacant spaces are filled with random images of the country, provided enough pictures of the country have been stored in the light portal.

Try it!
Click on a link below and then click on the image. Then you will see the flag and the country pictures.

Families with one picture
and many country pictures

Projects with multiple pictures
and many country pictures



We assure you that we only use the images you have entrusted for the public relations of ABIOLA, i.e. for the Light Portal, our social channels and – if an image is great and it fits – maybe even on a flyer or rollup.
As an NGO, we pay great attention to confidentiality. If you as an NGO have set up projects or families in the LightPortal, then you can point out that we should only use your pictures in your posts.

How can you submit your pictures?

Best with the Internet-Too WeTransfer.
It is easy to make:

1. Start with

2. Attach files with “+”
(or an entire folder, which is probably easier)

3. Use our email

4. In case of message, specify the country

5. Then on Send button


Of course you will receive an e-mail from us that we have received the pictures.


1. All images of an email should be from one country. If you want to send pictures of two different countries, please share them in two emails. Reason: A Ghanaian family is not allowed to take pictures of Togo.

2. Please only send us pictures that you have taken yourself, because we assume that you have the rights to the pictures and that you allow us to use the images accordingly.

The images in the blog post are examples of suitable images. These don’t have to be super colorful and spectacular. We also appreciate your simple images from everyday African life. Thank you.

Your Christoph

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