Light Portal FAQ – Documentation

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about the Abiola LightPortal.

Questions about Abiola

Who is Abiola?

Abiola gGmbH is a non-profit organisation with the aim of providing access to modern solar technology to as many aid institutions, schools and families as possible and, on the other hand, of making a contribution to the development altogether in developing countries. established as soon as possible in the field of environmental technology.

What are AbiolaPartners?

Abiola itself would not be able to project hundreds or thousands of projects or projects. Providing families with solar kits in developing countries, as Abiola itself is not active in these countries.

For this reason, Abiola works with non-profit associations and aid organizations that already manage projects in these countries. These associations and organization are called AbiolaPartner.

What is a SolarKit?

A SolarKit is a solar system consisting of various components. Solar kits for projects are much larger and more expensive than solar kits for families.

What SolarKits does Abiola offer ?

Families get a SolarKit consisting of a 3.5 W solar panel and an exceptional lamp.

An Abiola Charger 30W is sufficient for small projects where about 5-10 rooms are to be illuminated in the evening.

If the demands of an aid project are higher, an Abiola Turbo Charger is used. There are also more ports available here. The system can also be extended up to 120W.

What is the Abiola Turbo Charger 60W/120W?

The Abiola TurboCharger is the most powerful Abiola SolarKit. Here are some special features:

  • Up to 15 rooms can be illuminated
  • Car socket for corresponding consumers (e.g. pump)
  • Connection of a DC/AC converter 220V possible for small consumers such as lamps, notebook, projector, etc.
  • Extension to 120W solar power possible
  • Charging of 50 or more power banks per day possible
  • Battery with 24 Ah installed

More details on Blog 2


What is the Abiola Charger 30W/60W?

The Abiola Charger 30W is our classic for transport in the aircraft cockpit. AbiolaPartners can take this SolarKit with them personally during their visit to their aid project. The built-in lithium battery requires compliance with the guidelines of the respective airlines. More details on

The built-in battery has 14 Ah or 155 Wh

What is the Abiola Family SolarKit?

A family SolarKit is delivered in an Abiola backpack. There are three essential components in the Abiola backpack:


  1. A solar panel of 3.5 W for charging the lamp with solar energy
  2. The Abiola lamp C5 is the core of the Family SolarKit. It has 5 different white and 3 yellow light types available. A charged lamp brings light up to 144 hours. See Abiola Blog
  3. The Abiola tent is for decoration only. The tent consists of 4 chopsticks and a cloth cape. Properly adjusted, the tent with lamp offers a romantic atmosphere.
What components does Abiola use?

USB splitter

The USB splitter is a device with a 12V input and 6 USB ports. Thus, for example, an Abiola Charger 30W 6 lamps can be connected to a 12V output. The Abiola Charger 60W has three 12 V outputs available. Thus, 18 USB ports can be provided with 3 USB splitters. This allows many mobile phones or power banks to be charged during the day

Powerbank 2600 mAh

This is a small battery with a power of 2600 mAh, with which can be read over many hours with a USB LED. A mobile phone can also be charged via the USB port.


This small LED can be plugged into a USB port and brings an amazing amount of light. This LED is available as cold or warm light (white or yellow).

DC/AC Converter 220V

The device has a car plug (12V) as input and a normal 220V socket as output. In addition, the device has a universal adapter for plug-in system in other countries. With the TurboCharger, an output of approx. 80 W can be taken.

Energy meter

This device includes a Schuco plug-in system. It can be connected to the DC/AC converter 220V itself. A multiple socket can be plugged into the output. The energy meter then shows, among other things, the extracted power in watts. Thus, it can be checked that the maximum power of approx. 80 W is not exceeded.

    Is the aim to promote the profession of environmental and solar technology in Africa?

    yes. Collecting donations and donating herself is not enough for Abiola. We would also like to make a contribution to the further development of the professional image of environmental and solar technology in African countries with a lot of unused solar energy. For this purpose, it is necessary to supply dealers with Abiola systems and components. This process is complex. Therefore, this can only be done in a few selected countries. However, Abiola expects its dealers to support Abiola’s charitable work.

    Questions about the LightPortal

    What is the Abiola LightPortal?

    The Abiola LichtPortal is an internet platform for support institutions, schools and families who have to cope without electricity. On this portal, Abiola Partners (associations and aid organisations) present projects/families who want a suitable Abiola solar system (SolarKit).

    On the one hand, Abiola is looking for donors via the LichtPortal, who will cover the costs of a solar kit for a project/family. On the other hand, Abiola itself also donates many such solar kits. Abiola plans to donate 100 project and 1,000 family solar kits over the next few years. An important goal of Abiola is also that registered projects/families do not have to wait more than 1 year for their SolarKit. Every family and every project will get the planned SolarKit.

    Abiola is hoping to donate more solar kits through the light portal.

    The right package is put together for every donor, from the SolarKit family from 35 € to the SolarKit for “projects with family link” in the 4-digit range. All donated solar kits are to be permanently documented in the Abiola LichtPortal.

    Why the documentation as AN FAQ?

    Of course, the Abiola LichtPortal should be documented. We have chosen the FAQ variant (FAQ = “Frequently Asked Question” in English “Answers to frequently asked questions” for various reasons). This has the advantage of reading only the text on the questions you are interested in. On the other hand, further questions and answers can be added later, which will be put to the Abiola team. In principle, questions about can be addressed to the Abiola team.

    What is a ticket in the lightportal?

    Each entry (family or project) in the LightPortal gets an individual ID number. This entry is called a ticket.

    Details of the ticket type "Family"?

    In principle, Abiola does not supply individual SolarKits to families, but only to entire family groups. Abiola calls this “a project with family connection”. For organisational reasons, the SolarKits families are always delivered together for all families of the group. This is what the AbiolaPartner does. However, the donor can also donate a SolarKit for a single family.

    Details about the ticket type "Project"?

    Projects are institutions such as schools, med. auxiliary stations, orphanages and women’s shelters or the like. These facilities are to receive a solar system. As a rule, either the Abiola Charger 30W or the Abiola TurboCharger 50W is provided. The cost is about 200 – 400 € per project. This can be donated by a donor on a project-by-project basis.

    Details about the ticket type "Projects with linked families" ?

    This is a combination of project and family. The simplest form is a village community. All the inhabitants of the village are presented in the LightPortal. Each family should receive a family solar kit. First, donations are collected for the project and later all families are supplied together by the AbiolaPartner. Another option would be a normal project, in which all employees of the facility also get a family SolarKit, as they also have no power supply at home. Example the Buschclinik with ticket ID: 30. Here, the Clinik will receive the TurboCharger 60W and all 16 employees of Clinik will receive a Family SolarKit.


    How do I find a normal project in the light portal?

    If you set the ticket type to “Project” in the LichtPortal, then you will find all corresponding projects with “Search / Filter”. You can also refine the search by selecting the type of project, e.g. orphanage.

    How do I find all "projects with family link" in the light portal?

    You look for “project with families” in ticket type. Then all corresponding projects will be displayed.

    How do I find all families from a "project with family connection"

    If you know the ticket ID of a “project with family link” (last question), then there are two different search options:

    a) Show only the corresponding project (example ID:58)

    Ticket ID=58 and Ticket Type=Project

    b) Show only all families of the project (example ID:58)

    Ticket ID=58 and Ticket-Art=Family


    What types of status does the LightPortal use?

    Open: A family/project was entered by a partner. It has yet to be released by the Abiola team.

    Public: A donor for family/project is currently being sought; if not, Then Abiola must step in.

    Mediated: A donor has financed family/project. Extradition is still missing;

    Handed over: The SolarKit(s) have been handed over to the needy.

    Questions from donors

    What donations are possible?

    A donor has various options to provide solar light to projects/families. See the following forms of donations.

    Donation of a family SolarKit for selected family (once 35 €)?

    We recommend choosing a family from the current fundraiser, as it will normally be delivered in the next quarter. Families who are not in the current action will certainly be supplied, but it can take another six months, for example.

    One-time donation of 35 € for a family SolarKit (expiration):
    1. First select a project with families on the website below
    2. Click on the link “to all project families” (now you can see all families from this project)
    3. Then look at the pictures and texts of the families and decide
    4. Click on the button “Donate 35 € for this”
    5. Fill in and submit form
    6. Then an e-mail comes back with the recorded data and the bank details of Abiola
    7. Amount then please transfer to the account.

    The Abiolateam is then already informed about your donation intention. As soon as the donation has been received,
    8. If the status of the family is placed on “mediated (it can then no longer be donated)
    9. The table below is also updated (status paid/payd)

    Donation of a project SolarKit for selected project (once 350 €)?

    The donor can search for projects such as aid stations, women’s shelters, schools or orphanages in the LightPortal and then donate directly.

    One-time donation of 350 € for a project SolarKit (expiration):
    1. Please first LightPortal Select.
    2. Then set the field “Type” to “Project” and search.
    3. View and decide on the pictures and texts of the projects
    4. Click on the button “Donate 350 € for this purpose”
    5. Fill in and submit form
    6. Then an e-mail comes back with the recorded data and the bank details of Abiola
    7. Amount then please transfer to the account.

    The Abiolateam is then already informed about your donation intention. As soon as the donation has been received,
    8. If the status of the project is set to “mediated ( it can then no longer be donated).
    9. The donor will then receive a donation receipt by email
    (this is only necessary from a donation of 200 € according to the tax office, below which the bank statement is sufficient as proof)


    Donation of a project with family link (once - depending on the number of families)?

    The donation process is basically the same as for projects (see below). The donation amount depends on the SolarKits to be delivered. Examples:

    1. A village with 20 families. Donation amount: 20 x 35 € = 700 €.

    2. A clinic gets a TurboCharger (lighting and 220V) and all 10 employees get the FamilyKit for home.
    Donation amount: (1 x 350 €) + (10 X 35 €) = 700€

    One-time donation for a family project SolarKit (expiration):

    1. Please first LightPortal Select.
    2. Then set the field “Type” to “Project with families” and search.
    3. View
    and decide on the images and texts of the projects
    4. On the button “For this ?? € donate”
    5th form fill in and submit
    6. Then an e-mail comes back with the recorded data and the bank details of Abiola
    7. Amount then please transfer to the account.

    The Abiolateam is then already informed about your donation intention. As soon as the donation has been received,
    8. If the status of the project is set to “mediated ( it can then no longer be donated).
    9. The donor will then receive a donation receipt by email
    (this is only necessary from a donation of 200 € according to the tax office, below which the bank statement is sufficient as proof)

    Unreceived donation?

    If a donor appreciates the charitable work of Abiola and the AbiolaPartner and wants to support it financially through a donation, but does not want to link it to exact families/projects, then he can also donate a fixed amount to Abiola. In this case, Abiola decides for himself which families/projects are realized with the money entrusted. This money is used for 100 families/projects. No incidental costs!

    Donations requested in bank account Abiola e.V.

    Bank: Raiffeisenbank in the Allgäuer Land
    IBAN: DE19733692640000013005

    Please also hand over contact details so that we can hand over the donation certificate (donation receipt).

    When will a family SolarKit be delivered?

    Abiola does not deliver SolarKits to individual families, but only to family groups, i.e. families with a connection to a project. All families of a “project with family link” are supplied together. We recommend that you choose families from the current fundraiser, as delivery has already been initiated for them.


    When will a project SolarKit be delivered?

    This can be different. For example, some Abiola partners take an AbiolaCharger with them on their next visit to the aircraft cockpit to hand over the SolarKit in person. Special criteria regarding battery/hazardous goods must be observed here. Other Abiola partners send the SolarKit with a donation container. For countries in West Africa, the Abiola systems and components stored in Togo can be used. Everything involves a lot of effort. But a donated SolarKit is also to be installed.

    How are donations documented?

    When delivering a solar kit, the AbiolaPartner must prove this by photo and document. At least the photo of the handover is appended in the light portal when the status is set to “passed”.

    Are donations comprehensible in the long run?

    yes. Families and projects remain permanently in the light portal even with status “passed”. However, Abiola will not carry out any checks on whether the SolarKit will remain in use permanently. Here, Abiola relies on its non-profit AbiolaPartner.

    Does a donor receive a donation receipt?

    According to the tax office, a donation certificate (donation receipt) up to a donation of 200 € is not necessary. Here the proof by bank statement is sufficient. On request, however, Abiola also issues the certificate for small amounts. For donations over 200 €, the donor will in any case receive the corresponding donation receipt.

    What if no donor is found for family/project?

    Abiola only accepts the number of families/projects in the LightPortal, which she can finance/donate herself in any case without donations. Abiola thus provides a guarantee for all families/projects listed in the LichtPortal. However, the light project can only become really big if external donations are also made.

    Does Abiola donate itself?

    Abiola has set itself the primary goal of initially donating at least 100 project and 1000 families to SolarKits. This entails a cost of approx. €50,000. We also see it as our task that no families/projects have to wait too long for the promised SolarKit. Abiola tries to donate annually to all families/projects that have already experienced a waiting period of one year.

    Does the donor have a choice between "named" or "anonymous"?

    Naturally. The donor can decide for himself whether his donation should be treated publicly or anonymously. All “public” donations are to be published by name in the LichtPortal. It may be advantageous for companies to publish their donation on their own website. Here you can also place a link from the Abiola project. If you want to donate anonymously, you will receive your donation receipt and can rely on the discretion of Abiola.

    Can a donor communicate with the family himself?

    This is provided for in principle by Abiola, but not directly. The AbiolaPartner decides for itself whether this is desired. If so, he can provide an email address from a local contact person. This partner can also be used to provide a family’s contact details via email/WhattsApp. Perhaps “friendships” between donor and recipient can be organised in this way.

    Questions from AbiolaPartners (associations or organisations)

    Who can become Abiola Partner (Association/Orga) and how?

    Every non-profit association and charity can become a partner of Abiola. This does not require any special procedure. The partnership is self-determined in the implementation of joint projects.

    How is the cooperation between Abiola and Abiolapartners to be understood?

    Abiola specializes in keeping photovoltaic systems and their associated components permanently in stock. On the one hand, to donate them to aid projects and, on the other hand, to provide them for an emerging market in developing countries. The Abiola partner is active in the respective countries and knows aid projects where the systems are needed. It is also the partner’s job to deliver the systems for the aid project and install them there.

    Which countries are supported by Abiola in principle?

    There is basically no restriction here. Although Abiola’s focus has been on African countries, we are also happy to support projects in other developing countries supported by the respective organization. It is best to request directly by e-mail.

    How can an Abiola partner train?

    We recommend that each Abiola partner www.abiola.ngothe website to study the respective blog posts as well as all FAQ questions. Then the AbiolaPartner understood most of it in order to be able to realize projects together with Abiola. It would then be ideal to visit an Abiola regular table. See next point.

    What is the Abiola regular table?

    About twice a month, an information event for Abiola Partners and Associations/Organization takes place at Haus Abiola in Sulzberg near Kempten. The focus of the event is a training on the products and components as well as the light portal of Abiola. At the same time, however, it is also a good opportunity for representatives of associations/organisations and also colleagues from other institutions to get to know each other. Experience has shown that many interesting experiences are also exchanged. The Abiola regular tables start at 10:00 in the morning and end after about 3 hours. The exact dates can be found at .

    How can an AbiolaPartner apply for a project?

    This is described in detail on the project registration website.

    Trained AbiolaPartners can also enter tickets into the LichtPortal themselves.

    How can an AbiolaPartner apply for a family?

    This is also described in detail on the project registration website.

    Each family must be associated with a project.

    Trained AbiolaPartners can also enter tickets into the LichtPortal themselves.

    What do I have to consider if I want to run my own project with family link?

    Please first ask Abiola by email if the planned project is possible. For example, a solarkits project and the respective employees need the SolarKit family. Abiola then decides on the project at short notice. If so, then first create the project itself and as soon as the project has been published in the light portal, enter the respective families with picture and text. Here, it is important that the project ID number is entered for each family. For example, a donor can later choose only the project or only the families that belong to this project.

    What form should an image be in?

    Images in the lightPortal must always be in landscape mode.

    From the type it should . JPG files.

    The ideal size is 1200 x 900 pixels,but 1000 x 700 pixels also goes.

    By the way, we have installed a plugin that shrinks each image if it is too big. Otherwise, the light could become too slow.

    How is a SolarKit delivered?

    This differs from case to case, as this is decided by the respective Abiola partner. However, the respective solar kit is only passed on to the AbiolaPartner shortly before the handover of Abiola. Basically, the solar kit is handed over from the Sulzberg warehouse, Germany. It is also possible to take over the solar kit directly from Africa, provided it is stored there. This must be individually coordinated with Abiola.

    Where can I find USB LEDS, USB extension and USB switch?

    An Abiola Charger comes with 3 lamps. Abiola always adds a USB splitter, so an additional 6 USB ports are available. This means that 9 rooms can already be illuminated.

    However, you still need the USB LEDs, cables and, if you want, switches.

    Since these can be procured on the Internet for little money, Abiola does not store these goods. The Abiola partner decides for himself whether he already buys these components in Germany, or in the country of the aid project.

    Although there are only 5V on a USB connection and therefore there is no real danger to humans, Abiola recommends having the Monage run by experts. Also to avoid a short circuit.

    Here are our tips for sourcing examples from Amazon (as of Oct./2019):

    USB 5 W lamps (2.85 €/lamp).

    USB 5m extension (3.66 €).

    USB switch (€2.99), pluggable.


    With the 3 products you can put everything together as you like. Experts will probably use their own 2-wire cables.

    If the links no longer work, please let us know.

    Questions from AbiolaDealers

    How can I become an Abiola dealer?

    Abiola currently focuses on donations from Abiola systems and components. In the course of the planned support of the professional profile of environmental and photovoltaic technology, dealers are to be established, who can live from the distribution of these products. We look forward to receiving individual enquiries by e-mail about .

    TOP 10 ProjekteUnsere aktuellen TOP 10 Projekte aus dem ABIOLA LichtPortal.