A SolarKit campaign allows a group of people in Africa to buy an ABIOLA SolarKit at favourable rates in installments. In addition, these people can test the solar system free of charge for a certain period of time in advance. The affected people/families of a group are called “members” below. The association/organisation that takes responsibility for the campaign will be listed below NGO * Called.

In the best case, a campaign only needs to be funded once. This can lead to many more equal campaigns without further financial support.

* Non Governmental organisation or non-governmental organisation

The flowchart below shows how a campaign is going.

Women’s groups

It is also possible that several women will join together to form a women’s group. One of them then collects the monthly fee for the lamps and hands them over to the corresponding NGO.

In the test phase of 2 months, the women already save the money for kerosene or the disposable batteries for the flashlights.

Important: The batteries of the solar lamps are rechargeable and therefore much better for the environment!

Small donation with great effect

The idea of the campaign is that only the first group will donate the SolarKits by someone. With the money raised, other groups also get the opportunity to pay for a SolarKit on Microcredit. Thus, many more (daughter) campaigns can emerge from a campaign.

The donor can be ABIOLA or an external donor (private or NGO). Many campaigns can be run at the same time.

The duration of the microcredit is determined by the NGO together with the donor. This can also be agreed over a longer period of time in order to minimise the financial burden on members.

These ABIOLA campaigns can be carried out in many African countries.


This small solar system changes the everyday life of women very much

Advantages of the ABIOLA lamp C5:

  • Up to 144 hours of lighting
  • Multiple color levels
  • Cold and warm light
  • USB output
  • You can load multiple mobile devices
  • Can be easily attached to a string
  • Is magnetic
  • Simultaneously load and illuminate
  • Simultaneously discharge (USB) and illuminate
  • SOS Signal (in case of emergency)
  • Good to work with. Reading and ralaxing
  • And it can always be easily taken away


Example of a campaign:

A campaign with 20 members is established. All members will then receive a SolarKits (lamp and solar module) for 2 months for testing. If you want to buy the SolarKit, members will pay the amount of €4 for 8 months. After that, the SolarKit belongs to the members. 50% of the money raised goes to the nGO and 50% to ABIOLA. The money will allow the NGO to cover its costs of managing the campaign.
ABIOLA uses the rest to fund another campaign. If the respective NGO does not want to start a new campaign, then ABIOLA can use the money for other campaigns. All campaigns funded by ABIOLA are run in the ABIOLA LichtPortal, so that donations for further campaigns are also possible.


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Solar energy is abundant in all African countries.

Help people get a (solar) chance.

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