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Abiola Partner – Public Relations

The Abiola network thrives on communication and collaboration. Public relations include social media, websites, flyers, press releases, events, lectures and more.

There are many ways to turn on more “lights” from families/projects. Anyone can contribute to the Abiola Light Portal, both privately and for business. See below.

By the way, children and students like Abiola tents and powerbank kits very much. Thus, these solarkits are sought after gifts for the “Kids“. However, these solar kits work even more with the recipients when you talk to them about the background.

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Lecture on Abiola LichtPortal possible in schools

Possible contributions from AbiolaPartner from the private or business sector.

Post on your social media

You like the Abiola LichtPortal?

Then give us your “like” in the form that you publish it on your social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Write a press release

You see your talent in writing interesting lines about topics that you think are good?
And you find the Abiola Light Portal valuable and worth reading?

Then help us to publish the Abiola LightPortal. Whether in the municipal, club journal or in the regional newspaper.

Abiola LichtPortal Interpret Business Cards/Flyer

Abiola offers a kind of business card and a light portal flyer that quickly makes readers curious. These little docs can – at the baker, doctor, pub or anywhere else – quick miracles work. The LichtPortal business cards can be purchased free of charge.

Publish partnership via website

A website is suitable to regularly show something interesting / new. If you like the Abiola LichtPortal, integrate our LightPortal button onyour website with a link to the LightPortal. Organisations and commercial donors can also link their supported projects/families to the LightPortal.

Lectures for companies / churches / schools / organizations

Do you have the talent and attitude to give lectures on developing countries, climate, environmental protection and more. Then check if you also like to include a few words / pictures via the Abiola LightPortal in your presentation.

Commercially, this can work wonders. For example, at a shareholder meeting it is possible to mention for which Abiola projects will be donated this year. The projects / families can also be shown in the Abiola LichtPortal.

Lectures in schools - Collective action

We are currently defining the “Kits for Kids” action. Students give lectures in their classes with the aim of collecting many PowerbankKits for students from a partner school in Africa.

SolarKits as a gift / recommendation

Abiola PowerbankKits and Light TentKit are ideal gifts for friends, acquaintances and children.

These are cheap, useful and have a valuable humanitarian background. The chances are good that the recipient himself will be infected by the LightPortal idea.

Don't be afraid of discussion - stand by your opinion

“That doesn’t make sense” or “We can’t do anything” or “Something is worth nothing” we hear more often.

Perhaps it makes sense to point out that our preconditions are so different from those of people in developing countries. Therefore, “looking away” and “silence” is not always the right way. Anyone can do something.

Better to do something wrong than nothing.

Donate privately

The LichtPortal offers small, one-time donations that make a difference. Even a donation of 35 euros helps a family to stop buying and smelling kerosene. And she can charge the family’s mobile phones in the evening.

By the way, more families die from a fire from kerosene fires than from malaria fever. The images in the light show how close often dry garments are in the immediate vicinity of lamps.

For every donor and “purse” in the LightPortal is the right project/family. Private donors also receive a donation receipt for their tax return.

Donate commercially

“Do good and talk about it.” This quote also applies to business people. For example, if a businessman donates a SolarKit to an infirmary and all the clinic staff, it’s a great donation. Then it is also good to report on it. The Abiola button on the businessman’s own website can be used to indicate the action. Of course, Abiola will also mention the donor on his website. Unless this is not desired.

Collecting donations (e.g. festivals)

Most of us are doing well today. And we often get gifts at celebrations that we don’t really need.

A valuable alternative for celebrations such as birthday, wedding or similar is to collect for a targeted project from the LightPortal.

Perhaps the guests will later deal with the Abiola LichtPortal and realize how generous and meaningful the host’s decision is.

SpendenHier spenden für Freude in Afrika.