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ABIOLA Solar Systems for Africa

ABIOLA is non-profit and has set itself the goal of supporting the expansion of renewable energy in African countries. Over 1,000 ABIOLA SolarKits have already been donated.
Together with friendly organisations, clubs and supporters we would like to achieve great goals.
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What is Abiola?

In many developing countries there is still no electricity supply. As a result, many people are dependent on daylight. At the same time, a smartphone is often the basis of life for these people, which is very important for their work. In most cases, however, smartphones can only be charged at stationary collection points, which are usually many kilometers away. Abiola wants to help. We have specialized in the manufacture and sale of solar-based off-grid systems.

education . SolarKits provide light in the evening hours for working, learning and feeling good.
communication . Charge your smartphone with clean solar power every evening.

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ABIOLA Family SolarKits for AfRIKA

As of 3/2022, ABIOLA had donated around 2,500 ABIOLA Family SolarKits to people in various African countries. See ABIOLA LichtPortal and . The gifts were gratefully accepted.


The pictures and the video come from a handover of 650 ABIOLA Family SolarKits to the needy in about 30 villages in northern Benin in spring 2022.


We thank our friend and partner Rene Sobabe (picture on the right) for the diligent organization.



Message from Rene to ABIOLA:
We found the solar panels to be very powerful, so users don’t need too much sun to charge their phones and lights. Even little sunlight in the shade allows charging. The quality of the ABIOLA SolarKits is significantly higher than that of the products offered locally.

Who needs off-grid solar power?


One or more families jointly use a system. Each has its own lighting and a TV can be shared


A turbo charger can charge many power banks or mobile phones from the residents. The lighting can also be used for events.


Many students can charge their power banks during the day so they can read and study in the evening. And that for days. One filling lasts up to 15 hours.


In combination with suitable flashlights, independent lighting and communication can be valuable in the event of a disaster.


A turbo charger can also be used on the go. Farmers can use it to pump water, craftsmen can operate electrical equipment.

Elderly people

Abiola offers cheap reading glasses in different strengths. Together with power banks and reading lamps, older people can also read at night.

For aid projects

The Abiola Turbo Charger is a solar charging system with a built-in 24 Ah battery and multiple interfaces (ports)

Charged during the day, the stored battery is available to the owner in the evening for lighting, charging mobile phones or operating the radio or TV (approx. 12 hours).


The complement


The Abiola Turbo Charger 6-way USB splitter provides 6 USB ports per output.

A total of 32 USB ports can be used with 5 USB splitters and two USB outputs on the front.

32 mini batteries (power banks) can be charged simultaneously via these USB ports.


The difference


If you charge an Abiola Turbo Charger with solar energy during the day, then 1 user has a capacity of in the evening
approx. 24 Ah available.

If you charge 50 power banks a 2600 mA (2 Ah) with solar energy with the TurboCharger and USB splitter during the day, the power banks have a capacity of 130 Ah available for 50 different users in the evening.

.. plus the 24 Ah from the main battery.


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20. Abiola WishLight

With a one-time donation of 35 euros, you fulfill a great wish for a family in Africa. This Abiola Family SolarKit is given a turnkey solar system with a non-single lamp. Cold light for working, hot light for relaxing, 5200 mAh battery with USB output for charging...

19. Abiola Light Portal: Family Project

If our African partners report how people react when they receive an Abiola Family SolarKit as a gift, they would have been too happy to be there. For people, it means light at night at no additional cost. Charge the phone at any time at no additional cost. And all...

Everything we do becomes a part of us

African proverb


Shenzhen LEMI team is proud to partner with Abiola Germany to bring high quality solar products to people without power.

Monica Liang – Shenzhen, China

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