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The customers of Spardabank Augsburg chose ABIOLA as the winner from a list of 108 organizations in the fields of “Environment & Social Affairs” with 1923 votes. We thank you for your trust and for your generous donation (as of 7/23).

What is Abiola?

ABIOLA helps in Africa in the areas of “light” and education”.


In many regions in Africa, there is still no electricity supply. The night lasts about 12 hours in Africa. Kerosene lamps are harmful to health and are associated with regular costs. ABIOLA donated solar systems for aid projects and needy families in Africa. Thus, the recipients have permanently free light from solar energy and additionally a charging option for the smartphone. The smartphone is considered the foundation of business in Africa.


ABIOLA also donates computers to schools in Africa and operates the ABIOLA online Academy. All courses offered are available free of charge to everyone worldwide. Over a thousand enrolled African students at the Academy demonstrate an unprecedented interest in learning. The courses concern areasEDP, technology, programming as well as environmental protection. An extensive point system makes it possible to optimally adapt courses to the interests of students and teachers.


“Together we can achieve great goals and help even more”

Thanks to all sponsors of ABIOLA

Christoph charcoal burner
Chairman & Headmaster


As of 6/2023, ABIOLA has donated 3,800 ABIOLA SolarSystems to people in African countries.

See picture gallery and ABIOLA-LightPortal.



The pictures and video are from a handover of 650 ABIOLA Family SolarKits to people in need in about 30 villages of North Benin in spring 2022. We thank our friend and partner Rene Sobabe (below) for his diligent support.

We found the solar panels to be very powerful, so users don’t need too much sun to charge their phones and lights. Even little sunlight in the shade allows charging. The quality of the ABIOLA SolarKits is significantly higher than that of the products offered locally.

Rene Sobabe - teacher and organizer of the personal delivery of more than 1.800 ABIOLA SolarKits


As of 6/2023, ABIOLA has donated 300 ABIOLA PCs to schools in various African countries to date. Over 1,200 students study the free courses offered by ABIOLA online Academy .

See picture gallery and ABIOLA Academy.


We extend our sincere thanks to Pastor Danieland Pastor Jeffery Aymbilla for their diligent participation. Pastor Jeffery ist zuständig für die IT-Ausbildung des Schulverbandes mit über 300 Schulen der Kirchengemeinde Assembly of God (AOG) in Ghana. He also supervises other school associations regarding training at ABIOLA online Academy courses in Ghana.

The ABIOLA Raspberry Pi PCs and the Academy’s knowledgeable courses are a blessing for Africa and for our country Ghana.
The students’ interest in learning exceeds all expectation. Both the teachers of the schools and the students themselves show great gratitude. This education is a great cornerstone for the education of thousands of students in Africa. Wir sagen Danke an alle Förderer. God bless all involved in the process and the team of ABIOLA.

Pastor Jeffery Aymbilla - Leiter IT-Ausbildung Ghana von ABIOLA online Academy

“An investment in education still yields the best interest”

Everything we do becomes a part of us

African proverb

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