New project

Here you will learn how to set up a project to get ABIOLA SolarKits.

You can do an ABIOLA TurboCharger 60W get for one Aid station, orphanage, training center, School or other institutions . Or you can have several ABIOLA families SolarKits for those in need Familys to get. It is important that a recipient can only receive an ABIOLA SolarKit if he does not have a power supply.

As a partner of ABIOLA, you proceed as follows:

1. Request to ABIOLA

2. Creation of photos / application

3. Handover of photos / application

4. Delivery of SolarKit (s)

5. Others


Now for the details:

1. Request to ABIOLA

Please write an email first and ask ABIOLA whether your planned project is possible.
Example for text:
“I would like an ABIOLA TurboCharger for the medical aid station <Surname> in <place>, <country>”. or
“I want 30 ABIOLA Family SolarKits for the village <Surname> in< place> ,< country> “.

We usually answer this email quickly. If we say yes, then you can go on.

2. Creation of photos / application

Before you take your photos, please send a sample photo to . We want to avoid that you don’t have to take your photos twice. Please create most of your photos in landscape format. Each photo should have an image size of around 1000 KB or larger (that’s 1MB). If there is no other way, then pictures with 500 KB are also ok, but pictures with eg 50 KB are not enough. We will then let you know quickly whether the submitted test photo is OK.


Example: Photos from a school:

Example: Photos of a village itself:

Example: Photos of families in a village:

Project application via Word document

Download this Word document and fill it out.

When you click on it, the application will be loaded into your download area.

3. Handover of photos / application

Please send us only the data for one project so that we can keep track of things. We need from every project:
3-5 photos of the project (School or village, etc.)
1 photo per family (but only if family solar kits are requested
The completed WORD document (not as a PDF, but as a document !! We have to be able to copy the text out.

The simplest method is to transfer the photos directly with the “FileMail” program. The program is awesome !!
You can send your pictures / files either from your smartphone with the “FileMail” app or from a PC. You don’t have to install anything on a PC / Mac. You can do everything directly on the internet at send. Up to 5 GB, that’s 5000 photos à 1,000 KB. On the smartphone you only have to install the “Filemail” app.
Filemail is free to use, you don’t need to register, and it’s super easy to use!
For example, you can send the photos from your mobile phone and the Word application normally from the PV / Mac via email.

Tip: You don’t have to number or label your family’s photos. It’s enough for us if you
a) have given most of the families of the project as photos and
b) the names of ALL families have been listed in the text below. The order does not matter.
So you can send your photos to us at the push of a button directly from your smartphone with FileMail. That saves you a lot of work !! See examples below.


4. Delivery of SolarKit (s)

As soon as the project has been published in the ABIOLA Licht Portal, ABIOLA will confirm the SolarKits. However, the availability is not the same in every case. We will clarify this with you from the start.

It is very important for ABIOLA that we of every delivery of SolarKits Photos from the handover to get. Photos with happy people look particularly beautiful. You won’t always succeed 😉

Here are some nice example photos of SolarKit handovers.


5. Others

5.1 Examples

If you can still really imagine what your project will look like one day in the ABIOLA light portal, you can study various projects here. All projects are described in the Licht Portal in German, English and French. The translations were carried out automatically, so that small errors can “creep in” from time to time.

Examples of projects in the ABIOLA LichtPortal

Medical aid station:
Women’s refuge:
Agricultural project:
Example of social accommodation:

5.2 Africa photos

We are also very happy about everyone photos of you who are the beautiful Everyday life of Africa demonstrate. You can see a few more examples below.

TOP 10 ProjekteUnsere aktuellen TOP 10 Projekte aus dem ABIOLA LichtPortal.