Internship / Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis or freelance work

ABIOLA RASP Raspberries for African School Projects

ABIOLA is a non-profit organisation and has already donated over 1,000 solar systems to Africa. In the future, we would also like to donate many Raspberry PCs to schools in Africa. These computers can also be powered by ABIOLA solar systems. Please check out this ABIOLA URL first.

To make it easier for African teachers and students to get started, we’ll build a database of many interesting tips for using Raspberry PCs.

Several editors are already working on this project and are already creating the first articles. It is best to read the two articles that are linked to each other. These two articles were written for our editors.

Can you contribute to the coordination of editors and optimization of ABIOLA RASP?

In the form of an internship or a bachelor’s thesis. Happy to stay in our business premises or via home office from your home.
Please only applied if you have experience with Raspberry.

Contact: rasp@abiola.eu

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