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Abiola Partner – Associations / Organisations

Abiola works with associations and charities that already have contacts with people and projects that urgently need support.

Abiola has made it its mission to develop modern solar systems and deliver them to The Abiola Partners (Association/Orga). Without AbiolaPartner, the big goal would not be achieved.

There are many ways to work with Abiola. Also for members or sponsors of organizations. Even a short note or an e-mail to an organization can mean “light” for an orphan age or women’sshelter.

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Lecture to families in Uganda about Abiola SolarKits

Examples of cooperation between AbiolaPartner and Abiola in the area of association / organization:

Continuing education at Abiola

Abiola calls his continuing education area “Stammtisch”, because the meeting not only provides training for Abiola, but can also often exchange experienced representatives of non-profit associations and organizations. This makes the events interesting and often unique. The most important basic course for all those who would like to work with Abiola products is the “Abiola Stammtisch Basic”. It takes place about 2 times a month and usually lasts 2-3 hours.

The next dates can be found at

Entering and managing projects in The LightPortal

In the menu of the LichtPortal you will find the points “Registration and ticket entry” and “Ticket overview”. After a one-time registration, you can enter aid projects and/or families, which are to be implemented later. For the input there are fixed specifications, which you learn in the regular table Basic.

Delivery and handover of SolarKits

Abiola usually hands over a SolarKit from its own warehouse to the responsible non-profit organization or association. The main camp is in Germany, another camp is in Lomo, Togo. It is the task of the AbiolaPartner to bring the respective SolarKit with the components to the project or to the families and to transfer it there demonstrably.

Setting up the SolarKit

It often takes more than just handing over the respective SolarKit to an aid project. For example, if an orphanage gets an Abiola Charger, it is necessary that all rooms are illuminated at night. In this case, it should be organised for this to be implemented. Cable extension is simple and harmless because the LEDs are powered by low-current power. Usually 12V or 5V (USB).

Container Sharing

Shipping goods to African countries is expensive and expensive. Small SolarKits can be taken on the plane during a visit. However, this is only possible to a limited extent due to the built-in lithium batteries. Please refer to the relevant product descriptions in the blog posts on

On the other hand, many containers of auxiliary goods are shipped to Africa and other countries every year.

In this shipping container it is easy to send SolarKits (including the big TurboCharger). Therefore, it is ideal if an AbiolaPartner can send the SolarKits for its aid project in a container from another AbiolaPartner at a reasonable price. The container may not go exactly to the country of the aid project in question. It is then the task of the organization to transport the goods further (e.g. post office, bus, car).

Abiola regularly inquires in its partner network about upcoming aid container deliveries and also gives tips to AbiolaPartner with projects in neighbouring countries.

Collecting donations for a project

All projects and families in the Abiola LichtPortal get the planned SolarKit, but usually not immediately. In this way, the organization in question can try to raise funds for a (help) project they have hired. This collective action may also last for a longer period of time. However, if only part of the necessary costs are collected, Abiola will cover the remaining costs.

However, it is not mandatory for an AbiolaPartner to collect for its own SolarKits. In this case, Abiola itself will cover the cost of the solar kits. Without external donations, Abiola’s capabilities are limited, as the solar kits and components have to be recovered.

Gift: Kids/students like Abiola tents and power banks

Abiola tents and power banks are suitable as gifts for children and students. It can be nice for the kids to chill out at the illuminated tent and their own music in the evening. Maybe before falling asleep. It is important that they know the (humanitarian) background.

The kits can also view the light portal on the phone.

Use Abiola tents at evening events

Several Abiola tents in different colours can look romantic in the evening. An AbiolaPartner can illustrate this at events or lectures.

On the LichtPortal flyer, the AbiolaPartner can point to an organization with its stamp.

Own Abiola LightPortal

If an association/organization has set up projects/families in the LightPortal, then it can place the logo of the Abiola LichtPortal on its website.

However, if he has many projects/families in the light portal, then it is also possible that the visitor to the website can only see the set projects/families of the AbiolaPartner by clicking the button.

This is valuable for the AbiolaPartner if it is to be collected specifically for its own discontinued projects/families.

Please do this only in consultation with Abiola.

Book a lecture by Abiola

Abiola plans to give lectures on the LichtPortal. The SolarKits can also be presented at these lectures. In the evening, illuminated tents and power banks can also be set up to show the effect of the SolarKits directly.

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