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Abiola SolarKits are basically designed for poor people without power. However, the focus was not only on expediency. For example, the Abiola tents are designed in such a way that they may look romantic and could also be in demand in our areas.

The sale of products in Europe on markets and festivals has the background to draw attention to the Abiola LichtPortal. In addition, the proceeds of the goods sold will be used for donations from projects and families from the Abiola LichtPortal. Dealers are given good discounts.

Everyone can also be supportive in the area of trade. For example, by passing on a LightPortal flyer to a dealer in order to indirectly turn on a “light”.

– be a abiola partner –

At a booth of the Africa Festival in Würzburg 2019

Examples of cooperation between AbiolaPartner and Abiola in the field of trade:

Marketing of SolarKits in Markets / Festivals

The Abiola tent with lamp and the PowerbankKit are easy to sell in markets. Especially good in markets that take place in the evening hours, as the lights of the SolarKits are particularly good in the dark.

The Christmas markets are also very interesting, as they are often looking for a small and meaningful gift.

Of course, the SolarKits can also be marketed in stores. However, Abiola wants the AbiolaKits to be issued only with a flyer from the LichtPortal.

No risk - Commission goods possible

In principle, Abiola can initially provide a limited number of SolarKits to the dealer without prior payment. In this case, the solar kits will be billed later.

Thus, the AbiolaPartner (dealer) does not take any financial risk.

It is also the enthusiasm and motivation of the trader to turn on more lights in Africa and other countries.

Good discounts for exhibitors

Abiola offers attractive discounts/conditions to its trading partner. For the commercial partner as well as for an association or aid organization.

Thus, for example, an association can “improve” its “cash” with the sale of Abiola SolarKits at Christmas markets.

Offer Abiola goods on the Internet

AbiolaPartners, which focus on marketing SolarKits on the Internet, can also be commercial if they comply with the rules for the publication of the Abiola LichtPortal.

For this type of marketing, too, there is the possibility of delivery on a Commission basis with good discounts. Simply request by e-mail about

Abiola SolarKits in the World Shop

Even in a world shop, the SolarKits – connected to a LightPortal Flyer – can be a sought-after product.

This is all the more true if the World Shop publishes the idea of the LichtPortal in its newsletter or in a lecture.

Sell and collect for a project

An exhibitor/dealer can also set a goal and collect for a special project for the LichtPortal. He can agree with Abiola on a quota in which a number of Abiola SolarKits are donated for each SolarKit sold.

In the end, the dealer is registered as a donor of the LichtPortal project and – if desired – permanently published.


Publish a collected project on your own website

A LightPortal project collected by a dealer is published permanently in the LichtPortal. In addition, the exhibitor/dealer can also present the project he has donated on his website. He can also use the Abiola button.

Abiola LightPortal Flyer with Dealer Stamp

The Abiola LichtPortal A6 Flyer has a stamp inglot in which the dealer or the organisation can draw attention to itself.

Marketing in developing countries

Abiola is interested in promoting the expansion of solar technology in developing countries. And is basically ready to build dealer structures in individual countries. However, experience has shown that this is costly and difficult.

If anyone is interested, please contact our team via

Abiola SolarKits for special target groups

There are also special target groups that can benefit from the SolarKits. These are, for example, campers, operators of shrine gardens, fishermen or hut owners. A trader can also concentrate on this.


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