An orphanage in Nigeria is particularly close to ABIOLA’s heart. The home-for-the-need orphanage has grown from 450 to more than 4,500 children and those in need since 2015. Most of the children are refugees who have escaped the unimaginable violence of the terrorist group Boko Haram. Many watched their parents and relatives being killed unscrupulously. Pastor Solomon is the head of the orphanage and works closely with the German association “Help for the Needy e.V.”, which has been supporting the aid project for years. There is no connection to the public electricity grid throughout the orphanage. It will only be available with one generator and several small emergency generators, whose fuels cost more than €10,000 per year. ABIOLA has set itself the goal that solar energy can also be used in this orphanage.  

Sleeping together with 200 other children is normal here.

In the picture on the left there are girls and in the picture on the right boys. They live apart and meet only in school, at the football field, at events or in the church.
Everyday life It is hard to imagine living together with 4500 people in the tightest of spaces. Day by day. The way in which divine services are celebrated there cannot be imagined for us. Up to 4,000 people fit into the church. The divine services last much longer than in our seam. Not only is there a quiet sitting and praying, but also actively moving and dancing. The services are for the children the special events of the week.
Large-capacity kitchen It is almost always cooked (24h/day). Everything is prepared by hand, usually there is only rice. The costs are great. If a meal per day is estimated at 1 €, that is 4500 €/day.

Video above: Young children’s morning appeal outside school

Health Having to decide in a few minutes which patient can be helped and how is one thing. Helping patients without technical options or medication is another.  
Handover of ABIOLA solar systems In January 2020, the first 18 solar systems from ABIOLA were handed over to HELP for the NEEDY e.V. for the orphanage. These were brought to Hamburg by the chairman Andreas Leistner of HELP for the NEEDY e.V. (pictured right) in a Ford Transit. This vehicle and all contents were then shipped by ship to Nigeria. The car will be in the possession of the orphanage and will be a great help for procurement/transport.  

Video above: Handover of Fort Transit

The Nigeria Orphan village in the ABIOLA LightPortal The first five “projects with families” for the orphanage have already been included in the ABIOLA LichtPortal. One of them already donated on December 24, 2019. Each department gets an ABIOLA Turbo Charger and 5 FamilyKits for the caregivers. Some of it has already been delivered. The rest will follow later. We hope for more donations.

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Every donation of a solar system helps ABIOLA to donate even more solar systems in Africa.

ABIOLA wishes to one day create a large photovoltaic system with 50 kWp or greater and achieve them. This means that normal 220V consumers can also be used.

There is also a DIN-A4 PDF flyer from The Abiola LichtPortal. Download here.

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