The Abiola Family SolarKit is designed for families who do not have power. Abiola does not donate individual SolarKits to families, but only to family groups in cooperation with the caring AbiolaPartner. A family group can be a small village community or a group of families that have the same relationship. An example of this would be the staff of an aid station in Africa or other countries.

Example: A bush clinic in Africa gets an Abiola TurboCharger SolarKit. In addition, all employees of Klink (doctor, midwife, caretaker) receive a Family SolarKit. Provided these employees do not have a power supply at home. Abiola wants to donate 1000 SolarKits herself and wants to equip many more poor families with the SolarKit in the long term. This requires support from external donors. A donation of 35 € is used to finance a complete SolarKit family. The family can choose the donor in the Abiola LichtPortal. See

Charging the lamp

The C5 lamp can be charged with the 3.5 W solar module. For this purpose, the solar module is connected to the input socket. The solar module also has several connectors available to plug in different consumers like a mobile phone.
Tuee Capacity of the built-in 5200 mA battery is displayed with 4 blue LEDs. In the picture still burn 2 LEDs (50). See red arrow.

Discharge of the lamp

Various USB consumers can be connected to the output USB jack. For example, several mobile phones can be charged in the evening or a small table fan can be operated.

The lamp can be charged at the same time while the lamp provides light. It can also glow at the same time and supply an external consumer. However, you cannot load and unload at the same time.

Two different light colours

The C5 lamp can display both cold and warm light. “Cold” is a white light that we know from the neon tube. It’s good to work to see details well. “Warm light” is a yellow light that we know in our everyday life. The yellow light looks friendly/romantic.

In the image with the two different colors, one lamp is currently charged while the other is charging a power bank. Both provide light at the same time.

10 W solar module

With the normal 3.5W solar module, it is ideal to turn it against the sun at least 2 times a day to charge the C5 lamp in the evening. However, this may vary according to location/weather.

The laminated solar module 10W is a better choice to get the battery of the lamp full in the evening. In addition, the module can be mounted firmly on the roof of the hut. However, these modules are not included in the SolarKit family standard. It is available at an extra cost. However, it only has one USB jack. We recommend a 5m USB extension.

3 brightness levels per color (white/yellow)

In each light color, 3 brightnesses can be switched:

  • bright (approx. 12 hours of light duration)
  • medium (approx. 30 hours of illumination)
  • dark (approx. 120 hours of light duration)

Video Clip – Abiola SolarKit Family

Lean back – turn on sound system – enjoy 😉


The typical application for a family SolarKit is a family community or a small village (project). The Abiola partner first submits an application for the “Project with Families” at Abiola. Once the vote has been approved, the project itself and the associated families will be entered in the LightPortal. Then an attempt is made to find external donors. Finally, the project is delivered. Abiola and AbiolaPartner strive to realize each project within 12 months, even if no or few donors have been found.

The second option is to link a family community to a charity as described above. Here, the employees of an aid project supported by Abiola are equipped with the SolarKit family.


1. In the Abiola LichtPortal can be searched for projects with family link. To do this, search under Ticket-Art for “Project with Families” > button “Search / Filter”

2. The family associated with the respective project can be found by clicking on the link “Show Linked Families”

3. Via the link “Organization” you can access the website of the non-profit association / organization (responsible AbiolaPartner)

If Abiola donates SolarKits for an aid project of an AbiolaPartner (association or organization), then it is the task of the AbiolaPartner to bring the goods to the target area and to install it there at the project/family.

In the West Africa area, it may be possible to take over the goods from the Abiola warehouse in Lome, Togo. However, this must then be individually coordinated.

If an AbiolaPartner itself has no financial means to pay for the transport, then we kindly ask you to present this. Perhaps we will find another option. Sometimes it is possible to send the goods with another auxiliary container cost-effectively.


Basically, the charger must not be carried by the built-in lithium battery in the suitcase with the luggage.
However, it is possible to carry individual devices in your hand luggage. The following must be observed:
The 5.2 Ah battery with 5 V has a capacity of 26 Wh. Some airlines only allow a maximum of 100 Wh per person, some 160 Wh. In the first airline, 3-4 lamps per person can be carried, the second airline 6-7. Up to now, Lufthansa and KML have been able to carry a capacity of 160 Wh. We recommend that you agree this in writing in advance.

Ship /Container

It would be ideal to find a friendly AbiolaPartner or another aid organization that regularly sends containers to the desired country. Here you can often send your system with you for a manageable cost contribution. Otherwise, you must request a forwarding agent in order to have the goods shipped by general cargo (ship).

With regard to the lithium battery, it is important to apply the lithium sign in the prescribed size 120 cm x 110 cm on the package with the battery system. The UN number and a telephone number must also be applied here. The package must weigh less than 30 kg.

Tip: For cost reasons, man can of course only send the “lamps with the built-in battery” by ship and take the rest in the aircraft case. Here, however, the dimensions and weights of the module should be taken into account.



CHAMBER of Commerce regulation
Sticker Dangerous Goods
UN Certification

The donation amount for a family SolarKit is 35 €. This donation amount is mentioned by each family in the Abiola LichtPortal.
If a donor donates the SolarKit family to a family in the Abiola LichtPortal, Abiola and her partner will ensure that this family will get the SolarKit. However, not immediately. It is not possible to supply families individually for organisational reasons. It would also only provoke envy to supply individuals prematurely. So we try to get as many family donations as possible for a while and then later supply all the families from this group together. Families that have not been donated externally are taken over by Abiola or, if necessary, in part by the AbiolaPartner.

The scope of delivery of the family SolarKit is 1 x Abiola lamp C5, 1 x 3.5W module, 1 x Abiola tent and an Abiola backpack.

Abiola prepares a donation certificate (donation receipt) for this amount.

Note: There is no extra charge for the 10W module in the donation amount.

Pack for 25 Families SolarKits

Total weight: approx. 18 kg

Dimensions cardboard: 61x41x37 cm (a slightly small carton is also possible)

SpendenHier spenden für Freude in Afrika.