With a one-time donation of 35 euros, you fulfill a great wish for a family in Africa.

This Abiola Family SolarKit is given a turnkey solar system with a non-single lamp. Cold light for working, hot light for relaxing, 5200 mAh battery with USB output for charging multiple mobile phones, level indicator and lighting up to 150 hours with a single charge with the supplied 3.5 W solar module.

The ABIOLA LichtPortal introduces many families waiting for a wish light. Every day and every night, which in Africa last about 12 hours long.

In this ABIOLA blog post 20 you will learn how to make a wish light donation.9

Family selection

Basically, it would be possible to select any family in the Abiola LichtPortal and donate the 35 € for it. However, this would have the disadvantage that the date of delivery for this family has not yet been clarified.

We cannot supply individual families for organisational reasons.

Therefore, please only choose one family from the current fundraiser. See www.abiola.ngo (red arrow).


Get an overview

On the website “Abiola Fundraiser” you can find many families whose delivery is already prepared. The SolarKits are often already in a container on their way to Africa. A donor has already been found for some of the families (green marker). Scroll down in peace and consider which country/village the family you donated should come from.

You can’t donate here yet!


Go to Abiola LichtPortal

If you have chosen a village, then you click on “to all project families” (see red arrow).

You now land in the Abiola LichtPortal. However, only families from the village are shown to you now.

You can now read the text for each family and view all the pictures if there are more than one.

Make the donation

Donations have already been made for the family with the red arrow. A donation is no longer possible here. The lower family is still waiting for the donation from the WishLight.

If the button “Donate/ Donate” has been selected, then the donation itself is easy to make.

The process itself should be self-explanatory.


Some more questions and answers:

When will the SolarKits be delivered?

Your Christoph

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